Transformable Tables

In the modern home, we often have to deal with issues related to the space available and to be allocated to various activities. The task of the modern designer is to know how to adapt to these needs with cutting-edge solutions without sacrificing the pursuit of taste and the quality of materials. One of the most versatile pieces of furniture, indispensable and functional at the same time, is undoubtedly the table. Not just a simple support, but time and again the setting for different activities, from eating to working to recreation. Very often the dimensions of the rooms within a house impose the use of transformable tables, which can expand the available surface; or the height of the support. Convertible Contemporain Paris offers a wide range of tables suitable for every type of environment:

• Living and kitchen

• Office and meeting room

Different in shapes and materials of the flat surface on a very solid metal base, the transformable tables we propose are avant-garde solutions. Both for the technology used and for the quality of the materials employed. Once positioned, these tables will fill their assigned location with personality, making themselves noticed. The tables we offer are, in fact, specifically designed to perform their function and at the same time to show sophistication and class. Good taste and elegance.



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