Among the high quality furnishing accessories, carpets certainly cannot be missing, true iconic vehicles of design.

Nothing like a carpet captures the attention of those who enter the environment in which it is placed. The properties of a carpet are mainly those of giving color to the environment, creating its background tone. Like a painting hanging on a wall, the carpet gives the initial imprint to the space to which it is associated. At Convertible Contemporain Paris we give great importance to the refined quality of our products, which is why we have created a line of hand-tufted rugs. The tufting technique has its origins since the end of the twentieth century and has largely replaced the ancient knotting system. With tufted carpets it is possible:

• Create even very complex designs thanks to the preparatory drawing on canvas
• Obtain a more thorough cleaning by simply using the vacuum cleaner

Adding valuable elements to the interior of a home without sacrificing the quality used is part of CCP's corporate mission. We use all our design ability to provide solutions that enhance domestic environments, conveying class and good taste; refinement that stands out. The materials and manufacturing techniques we use are almost all European, mainly originating from France and Italy, inheriting their artisan culture.



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